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Don't save what is left after spending;
spend what is left after saving. 

- Warren Buffet


What is ChintaMoney?

ChintaMoney is a mobile application that enables a person to segregate, save, invest and spend money for different purposes. It is achieved by using the JamJar technique. 

The JamJar Technique

The application is a tool that digitizes the age old JamJar technique of budgeting. Split your income into various categories and SPEND FROM a category using the app to never go overbudget.
Review First & Spend Later!


Don't just earn money, Create Wealth with ChintaMoney!


'ChintaMoney Paathshaala' teaches the JamJar technique along with financial literacy using unique Audio-Visual content.


Create Jars and achieve your Goals of a Holiday or a Swanky Bike or be on budget with your Groceries and Utilities. 



Create rules and forget while ChintaMoney automatically segregates and saves money towards your goals.


Put your saved money to work! ChintaMoney enables you to automatically invest in various financial products.


Narahari Rao

Founder / Operations

Uday Wagh

 Founder / Product Design

Mukund Rao

Investor / Chief Technical Advisor


We are going to launch our Private Beta soon in India. Subscribe for access!

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